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Jane Jones Flourish Health Coach

Certifications: Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, American College Sports Medicine Personal Trainer, Natural Juice Therapist

Location: Situated in Maplewood, NJ in private clinic, operate globally with online coaching packages available

Experience: Over 10 years in the Health and Wellness arena

Goal: Help clients identify potential for transformative lifestyle change and support them to achieve and sustain this change to reach a greater sense of wellbeing and health

Exceptional Qualities: Passionate, Attentive, Dedicated, Supportive, Successful

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I have always been passionate about being as healthy and fit as I can be.  I figure there’s no dress rehearsal here, and I want to max out on feeling terrific for as long as I can!  That’s why I became a Personal Trainer (ACSM), it helped me understand how to get the most out of the time I spent exercising.  Then I discovered that I was pretty good at inspiring others to get the most out of their exercise time too.  One of my character strengths is a love of learning, and an interest in juicing led to me becoming qualified as a Natural Juice Therapist (Juice Master UK).  Creating great tasting vegetable and fruit juice and designing juice programs to help people get more nutrition into their diet and discover how great juicing can make you feel was extremely rewarding.


The core strength that pulled both these businesses together was my ability to inspire others to discover their own path to health, set their own goals and then support them to achieve these. This is the piece of all of it I love the most.  It is what has led me to pull all these strands together and launch Flourish Health Coaching.


I have been working for the past year with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA), learning how to take my coaching skills to the next level.  Established in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), FMCA trains individuals to become Functional Medicine certified health coaches.  Their training incorporates the principles of Functional Medicine, positive psychology, functional nutrition and mind-body medicine. Learning the positive psychology model of coaching to engage clients and inspire them to initiate and sustain lifestyle changes.

What I do?

Becoming qualified as a Functional Medicine Health Coach has allowed me to understand fitness and nutrition in greater depth as essential parts of a holistic health approach to supreme wellness, I now also understand the importance that good quality sleep, stress management, and positive psychology techniques can play in helping you achieve long lasting good health. My job as your health coach is to take you from where you are to where you want to be in all these areas!

Imagine spending time working on dreaming of how you want to feel in 6 months or a year. How are your energy levels, how are you sleeping? How are your stress levels? Relationships? What about the things that you are eating? Do they make you feel terrific, or leave you feeling lethargic and tired? In the end, imagine your best self. The work we do together will help you come up with a specific plan of changes you can make today to make where you want to be a reality. To help you Flourish.