For the past few years, rather than making New Years resolutions, I have come up with a word or theme that I use to try and guide me through the year. Some have been more successful than others.

The year of the “party” was great, the year where the theme was “safe” was a little dull (but there were fewer trips to ER than in the previous year). However, I do find that having a theme does act as a kind of anchor and influences decisions and choices I make throughout the year.

This year, my word is Balance. Not something I find easy to do, either physically (working hard on my handstands!) or mentally. I tend to have an all or nothing approach to things which can be great when it comes to achieving certain goals, but this level of intensity can often be at the expense of other things I want to do.

In chatting through my theme with a couple of people, it turns out this is something lots of us struggle with. What a relief to find out that I’m not the only mother on the block who on discovering their family enjoyed that barley and mushroom salad I made on a whim, then proceeds to make it every other day for 3 weeks, only to discover that nobody really wants it anymore!

How awesome that I’m not the only one who stresses out about how to fit everything I want to do into the 24 hours that I’ve being given. You would think that by this stage in the game, I would know how much I can squeeze into that time frame, I’ve had over 17,000 of them to practice with! Yet still I struggle to balance work, home, kids, family, the usual things.

But this year, 2015, I’m going to really try!

Because this is a juicing blog, I want to apply the theme of Balance to a lifestyle which incorporates juicing. Juicing is one of the most efficient ways to ingest vitamins, minerals and enzymes that our bodies sorely need. It’s both quick and easy to make and quick and easy to digest. One of the biggest benefits of juicing comes from consuming it every day. That’s how your body builds up reserves of the nutrients it needs. By balancing juicing with a healthy lifestyle it can really benefit your overall health. Boosting antioxidant levels, increasing everyday energy, and reducing those feelings of lethargy. I believe there is a place for juice cleanses and detoxes and I offer that as part of my services, but I think the real magic and benefit of juicing comes from having at least one glass of fresh delicious juice every single day.

Of course no Jane’s Juice blog is complete without a recipe, and this week is no exception. Here is a great juice which is well balanced in terms of it’s nutritional content, its flavor and it’s vegetable to fruit ratio.

Try it! If you have a juicer try to make it every day this week as part of your overall balanced healthy lifestyle and see if you feel different.

Me? I’m off to practice my handstands!

Balancing Juice

2 apples

1 pear

1/2 cucumber

1 big handful spinach

4 stalks dinosaur kale

2 sticks celery

1/4 lime (not peeled)

1/2″ piece ginger

As with all leafy greens, with the juicer off, push the greens down hard into the chute and pop an apple on top, then turn the juicer on and gently push everything through.  You don’t need to turn it off in between putting items in, just keep putting them in the chute and push them down.