Jingle Juice

Some days just work out.

The snow falls and looks pretty, but doesn’t stick to the roads so you can get out to do all your errands without freaking out about skidding down the very steep hill that you live at the top of.

The shopping mall opens half an hour earlier than you thought, so instead of having to wait in your car as planned, you can whizz round the empty shops getting all those bits and bobs that have been on your list for weeks now.

The child who has been working super hard, staying up long hours and working her socks off, finally has a good day and sees some payback from all her hard work.

The steam from the shower cleverly disguises you from the workmen who unexpectedly showed up to clean the gutters outside your bathroom window and thankfully prevented what could have been the material for an exceptional holiday party story.

But best of all, the fridge reveals a bag of cranberries that you meant to use to make some cranberry sauce but never got round to.

Yippee. That good day just got better!

Cranberries make a delicious addition to lots of juices and are little powerhouses of tart goodness which we tend to only use with loads of sugar and perhaps some oranges as part of the annual thanksgiving feast. But there’s a lot more to cranberries than that. It’s pretty well documented that cranberries are useful in treating urinary tract and bladder infections, but they are also high in vitamins A and C, (which makes them great for boosting the immune system at this time of year) and also are a good source of iodine and calcium. You can buy cranberries fresh in many stores at this time of year, and just pop in them in the freezer so that you can enjoy them all year round. They are a good addition to the juicing pharmacy.

Here is a festive juice to enjoy on a good day, or any other kind of day actually. In the spirit of the season I’m calling it Jingle Juice and I hope you love it.

Happy Holidays!


Jingle Juice

2 oranges

1 apple

3 carrots

1 stick celery

1” ginger root

1 handful cranberries